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Grandparents are always telling kids to save every penny. But it also appears kids should think about saving their nutmeg, too. That’s because nutmeg has been used as a valuable currency throughout history. Besides flavoring food, many people used the spice as a medicine to treat everything from upset stomachs to the bubonic plague. During the 1400s, a pound of nutmeg could be traded for seven oxen in Germany. Later, in the 1600s, the Dutch and British went to war over control of Indonesia, because at the time that was the only place where nutmeg was grown. The British eventually gave the Dutch their land in Indonesia in exchange for an island on the other side of the world: Manhattan.Cheese can be as valuable as spices. Since 1953, the Credito Emiliano Bank in Italy has accepted wheels of Parmesan as collateral for loans. The bank’s vaults can hold around 440,000 wheels of cheese, each weighing about 80 pounds, and worth about $400. That means the vault can hold around $180 million worth of cheese. Not all unusual currencies are edible. In ancient China, the shells from cowries, a type of sea snail, were used as money because they were easy to carry but difficult to forge, and therefore hard to counterfeit. And the 21st Century has seen the rise of electronic currencies, such as Bitcoin, which can only be bought, sold, and stored online. Electronic currencies can be used worldwide without the exchange rate fees or credit card fees that accompany traditional money. Several companies, such as and blogging platform Wordpress, now accept Bitcoin as payment. So maybe soon we’ll be telling our grandkids to save their Bitcoins for a rainy day.


by Nick D’Aloisio, Product Manager, Mobile and Emerging Products

With the introduction of mobile devices, plenty of things have changed. The way we find, consume and share news has evolved. As things become more complex in nature, news consumption has become overwhelming. That’s why today,…


by Marissa Mayer, Yahoo CEO

This has been a very frustrating week for our users and we are very sorry.

For many of us, Yahoo Mail is a lifeline to our friends, family members and customers. This week, we experienced a major outage that not only interrupted that connection, but caused many of…


The Case For Validators

Remember when we used to all have pretty W3C badges to prove to our users that we adhered to code standards? We proudly proclaimed “My site is valid HTML 4.01 Strict!” W3C badge Our new badges of honor come from our GitHub pages with our newer “build passing” badges. It’s still…

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We had an amazing group of hackers join for our first Yahoo Hack Israel. 120 developers traveled in from all over Israel and lit up the historic Hatachana Compound, our beautiful backdrop for the event. Israel’s vibrant start-up community represented itself proudly, with many developers,…


Celebrating 16 years of Yahoo Mail. 16 winners. 16 prizes in 16 hours. #HBDYMail


Today Yahoo Mail shares a Sweet Sixteen birthday with actress Bella Thorne and you’re invited to the party! Yahoo Mail will be celebrating by giving away 16 prizes for 16 hours.


Join the party and enter…

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By Julie Shin Choi

Yahoo was turned upside down in the best kind of way as developers descended in droves upon our Sunnyvale campus this weekend. Over the span of two full days, hackers from all around the world spent their time, energies, and talents to collaborate with fellow developers…


By Julie Shin Choi

We’re drawing towards the end of our first day of Yahoo Hack USA, although for many, the hacking has only just begun. The best code often gets written in the wee hours of the night. And here at Yahoo Hack USA, there are hundreds of coders writing thousands of lines of code…


Welcome to the new Yahoo Engineering blog. Yahoo has always had a deep seated interest in various Open Source technologies. Many people do not know this, but Yahoo! has supported many great Open Source tools over the years.

var thingsWeLike = [ 'Apache', 'MySQL', 'FreeBSD', 'Linux', 'PHP',...

Guys checkout the Yahoo Engineering Blog :)


By Mike Kerns, SVP Homepage & Vertical Products

We’ve spent the last few months creating the most personalized Yahoo yet — and we know that millions of you want to customize your experience even more. That’s why today we’re introducing an updated My Yahoo with a new modern design,…

My Yahoo is back!

My Yahoo is back! Go build your own. Find more at :)


by Fernando Delgado, Senior Director of Product Management, Mobile and Emerging Products

The Yahoo app is one of our daily experiences — we present news that’s personalized just for you. Today, we’ve added new features along with animated cinemagraphs that make Yahoo for iPhone and iPod…


Hey there!

The all new Answers is here. It’s better, faster and simpler. Like what we’ve done with the place? Come on in and take a look.


Photo: Desktop - Multimedia

First things first – the color. Purple is the new green. We think this new color makes us look like the rest of our…

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By Robby Stein, Director of Product Management

Heading home, turning the TV on and channel-surfing is something that a lot of us do every day. This daily experience is what we wanted to recreate with our new Yahoo Screen app for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

Since joining Yahoo, the…

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Introducing Our New Logo!


By Kathy Savitt, Chief Marketing Officer

We’re excited to share the new Yahoo logo with you. It will begin appearing across Yahoo properties globally tonight.


We wanted a logo that stayed true to our roots (whimsical, purple, with an exclamation point) yet embraced the evolution of our products.

Thank you for having some fun with us this month, we loved hearing from you!

Here’s a fun video that illustrates the craft behind the logo:

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